Leather handicraft straight from the workshop on four wheels

Wandering through Iberian lands




Our Short History


Who are we and what are we doing here? We are two people who were brought together by the desire to run away from the sad reality, urban obscurity, nine to five job, from a prison that our lives seemed to become more every day.

Our journey began a few years ago and quickly became a way of life. Reducing the number of items owned to the minimum, we changed m3 to four wheels which, with time, became more than a mean of transport, home and a faithful companion of travel. Well, our RV has turned into a leather workshop! That’s when we thought that it was probably just about time to share our adventures with someone more than people we met along the way. But, let’s start from the beginning ...

When we left, we got rid of the burden of our social media profiles, for one year we shared one phone and we almost didn’t use the internet, only sometimes to find some good parking on Google maps. We were completely offline and it did not bother us at all. JJ got into handicraft, bought the tools, rearranged our living room (which is maybe 2 square meters and is also the kitchen and the hall) and spent few winter months exploring the secrets of leatherwork. His designs have become more and more “perfect” and so we’ve started selling them. The number of people interested and inspired by our stories also increased, and apparently our advice, for caravanning enthusiasts (new fancy word) and for “regular” travelers wandering through Spain and Portugal, proved to be accurate and useful.


Leather products delighted many and we heard more and more often that we should write a blog, that we have to create Facebook and Instagram profiles, that an online shop would definately succeed. That's how we got here! We are coming back online a bit reluctantly but with hope that what we want to share with you will be helpful for many, and that the unique designs from our shop will be noticed by people who can appreciate the craftsmanship, artistry and precision. So to sum up - we are two people from Poland who have been traveling through the Iberian lands in a homemade RV for several years now. Recently, we decided to change the continent, temporarily also a van for two backpacks, and we set off to fulfill our dreams of South America. We are temporarily sitting in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, getting to know the local people, customs, history and culture - and we write about all of this on our blog, Instagram and FB.We collect moments, memories and experiences. We are free people and we are lucky to sleep every day in a different garden. We will tell you all about it at ArteCaravana.com!