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Our trip together began almost three years ago. We traveled half of Europe, we lived in various corners of Spain and Portugal and with time, our cozy van has become not only home and a faithful companion, but also our workshop. We decided that the right moment has come to show you our handicrafts. At this point, we will present to you what JJ has created so far. He is an artist in our duet, I am his “personal assistant” and hopefully also his muse.

For a very long time we’ve also been thinking of sharing our adventures. There are quite a lot of them and it would be great to tell you how amazing it is to live on eight square meters on four wheels and to wake up in another garden every day.


Unique, original, recycled

Each project is different, unique and original. It is not only a matter of distinct patterns - everything is created in, probably the only, leathercraft workshop on four wheels. Each element of this special collection is created in another place. We use the highest quality materials and the leather is often recycled - new life will not only be given to the neighbor's old motorcycle pants, but also to the scraps from the shoemaker. If you would like to buy something please visit our shop!


We never know where and through which routes our ArteCaravana will take us, but we always return with pleasure to our beloved corner of Spain - Andalusia. On our website you will also have a chance to read about everything that is important to us: cooking, learning, exploring, loving, living and appreciating. This winter we are starting a new ecological association with a main goal of cleaning the beaches. We also have a music project soon to be shown to the world so stay tuned!




Who are we and what are we doing here? We are two people who were brought together by the desire to run away from the sad reality, urban obscurity, nine to five job, from a prison that our lives seemed to become more every day. Our journey began a few years ago and quickly became a way of life. Reducing the number of items owned to the minimum, we changed m3 to four wheels which, with time, became more than a mean of transport, home and a faithful companion of travel. Well, our RV has turned into a leather workshop!

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If there is anything you would like to ask us please don’t hesitate to use this form! Maybe you like one of our projects, maybe you would like to know what is our next stop, maybe… you just want to say “hello”!

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Would you like to know what we are currently up to? Maybe you are looking for some awesome low-budget #vanlifers' guide to Algarve? Or you don't know what to cook for today's dinner and are eager to try out some of our #vanlifekitchen recipes?

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